hulu: Serenity: Firefly

hulu: Serenity: Firefly

Complete episodes at Hulu (in beta)... wow.


Amoretto - 1st National Anthem Singing

Amoretto nails it and rocks the house!
... one proud Dad. ;)


Techdirt: Copyright Is About Incentives, Not Protection

Techdirt: Copyright Is About Incentives, Not Protection

I'm growing tired of big money's campaigns to over-extend copyright - and decry "piracy!" - when the public has simply shifted from sharing what they listen to through a digital medium rather than on the analogue cassette tapes of previous decades. We've always shared music - encouraging discovery and promoting future purchases, with recordings from the FM radio put into mix tapes for friends, etc.

Mad Men on AMC in HD

I've been sold on AMC's "Mad Men" series... Damn Comcast OnDemand. I got to watch 6 or so episodes in the weekend last.
Beautifully shot and scored... breathing "the 50's", but everyone smokes constantly... even the pregnant women. Great colloquial period dialog.


Brent throws a party

Karen W and Brent Schnarr, originally uploaded by Jon Ashley.

Karen W and Brent Schnarr chat


White Stripes Video

Not really a huge fan, but since someone is getting sued for embedding this link (that was designed for the very purpose of embedding and clearly supported by the copyright holder who posted the video) I thought... well we should ALL show our support.

So go ahead... embed!!


Cherry Hill High School East Alumni Choir perform "Ezekiel Saw the Wheel" traditional spiritual

Cherry Hill High School East - 2007-05-17
Beautiful gospel "Ezekiel Saw the Wheel" traditional Negro Spiritual. Shaky camera work with a low-powered Canon digital camera, but decent audio of a good performance of a great song.


Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Up Above My Head

What an amazing singer/guitarist the Sister is! Gospel blues soul 50's Berry-like guitar rock.


ZenZui Demonstration Video

YouTube - ZenZui Demonstration Video

Interesting... I wonder if this Microsoft spin-off can compete in the phone space?


One Laptop Per Child

It's about learning, not technology.
Now if they'd just roll them out to every US school child as well and save them from Microsoft, PowerPoint and the pathway to office drone.