Sennheiser - Sound Logo Contest

Sennheiser - Sound Logo Contest
Hmm... how to top "N - B - C"?

Nokia Nseries

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Interesting device, campaign and site.


Social Networks & UGC Media in Mobile

Peg Jackson, moderator (NeoCarta Ventures - VC, uses LinkedIn)

Shane Lennon - "Gypsy" - location-based social net, WAP, gen content, attach location, upload, commenting - friend finding app, content search, mapping and directions, has FaceBook integration
Liang - Nokia partnership dev, contextual tie-in requires metadata
MayLin Ng - mig33 - mobile social network (8MM+ users global)
Andrew Perlman - Vringo (video ringtones) melding personalization with Web 2.0?? choosing content to use to identify/represent yourself to the world
Darcy Lorincz - Origin Digital - 800 content partners, connect content to destinations at various bitrates/formats
John Mantell - Helio (video focus) - mobile access to FaceBook, MySpace, YouTube - VOD services


"Mobile Social Networks" - what does that mean? ;)
location-oriented, can share (soon) with friends and family
and behavior (shoot video of drunk at office party)

greater ##s accessing I-net worldwide on mobile than other

Helio/MySpace partnership

6% of mobile users in US have uploaded UGC to networks from phone

Nokia - 18% of photos taken are on camera phones
> working around the infrastructure, ex IM over IP, VOIP... must enable 3rd-party developers (Skype, etc.)
> integrating Contacts and presence (Microsoft partnership)

"profiling and self-expression tools"

Google Phone ("Android")

(mg33) Social Network must be built for the mobile to work on the mobile
> all aspects on the mobile without any PC use
> leverage communication services (chat, voice, share picture, etc.)
- comfort rises and then sharing/social grows from that

(Gypsy) mobile space - vertical behaviors, but not vertical services/lock-in
use cases are at level 1 at the moment

Business models:
(digital goods, subscription, advertising ??)
mig33 - off-deck strategy, local distribution partnerships to monetize
Cross-platform strategies are the most successful (even including Print), more touchpoints, mobile can be center

build once, deploy anywhere doesn't work long-term (OK start) - form factor impacts the content

UGC screened/flitered through partnerships (iFilm, etc.)

Tech that will Impact:
Slifter - cool app/start-up
Gidget - (was Attendio - location-based Facebook App)
Gicue ? Giqueue?
MessageMe - post and monitize mobile content
mobile wallet (too obvious, why not happened in US yet?)
SK Telcom - S. Korea -
Digital Orchid - lottery tickets mobile

Privacy -
Allowing user to be able to control

Mobile & Broadband Music

Ted Cohen - moderator, TAG Strategic

Brad Duea - Napster
Victor Fredell - Sony/Ericsson (80% of content revenue comes from games)
Cyrill Glockner - Microsoft
Ken Hertz - entertainment attorney, GH&L LLP, Beverly Hills - Will Smith, Beyond, Black Eyed Peas, etc.
Paul Campbell - works with Quincy Jones - QD3 (QE3?) Entertainment
Chris White - Motorola global music efforts

Napster - side-load to mobile phone or over air (ATT, DoCoMo, European carriers), .99 per song or $15/month

Collapse of DRM at major labels??
- for purchase
- subscription will continue to use DRM
> Fredell - about the music experience overall, not just eliminating DRM (which is one of the pieces)
> White - exciting to see, but in Asia 90% of music biz is OTA, all DRMed...
> Ken Hertz - not really significant revenue... artists believe every day is their last day in the business (21-yr old out at 25)

How shipment of music-enable phones effects the industry...

What went wrong with Plays For Sure?
> Glockner:

Nokia - "Comes With Music" - introduced in Dec, phone with 1 year of music even after subscription ends, no burn, no copy, but stays in Nokia device

In music business models you are selling: convenience, quality, monitizing affinity

Napster - Swisscom (no-DRM approach, 5-song trackpack - ALL phones, 5 songs per month) vs AT&T (DRM with 1 phone, Microsoft)

subscription or ala carte bundle? (semantic difference only)

Hertz - assume everything is going to be subverted somehow (technically) so build your model with that assumption

Consumer Adaption /= Business Model
Ad-supported model tough to make money

2008 - labels will publicly embrace blanket licensing (ala ASCAP, BMI) - some is going to happen

"3D-Radio" - TiVo for radio...

iRadio - motorola, does not exist

Moto - every phone is Asia has FM radio

sideloading vs. OTA
4GB cards < $40 !

3 major trends (Glockner):
> mobile experience, access anywhere to my content
> PC is increasingly a platform for video
> CE manufacturers want to participate

--- 2008-2009 NBT? --- L to R
greater compatibility, ease of use
media management within phone, navigation through media
better end-user experience on mobile devices > Silverlight...
blanket licensing debate
role of advertisers, value add but no dedicated budgets... shift of dollars to support innovative business models
handset HW and SW tech integration, switch from music to voice mode; device manuf getting more into content; more in-home compatibility

Movies, TV and Video for Mobile

Ralph Simon - moderator, Mobile Entertainment Forum

Frank Chindamo - Fun Little Movies (USC teaching, short-form 5-minute movies) - Rock Entertainment just acquired them (custom video codec?)
Douglas Craig - Discovery Communications (3 products: streaming mobile channel on MobiTV/Sprint, B2B style clips with partners, WAP site)
Lisa Hsia - VP New Media, Bravo/NBC Universal (wireless piece: Project Runway, IronChef - WAP sites, MMS clubs, mobile games - text to Buy thing if can get carriers, social networking thing)
David Lang - Mindshare Entertainment
John Najarian - SVP New Media, Comcast Entertainment Group, LA-based (E, Style and G4 new media - VOD, podcasting, wireless, WAP - text alerts, games, apps... ex. E -18-49 demo focus, affluent, female skewed)
Dave Ulmer - Motorola (entertainment applications - how to expand user-generated content, shipped Bourne Identity with handsets in EU on card - live mobile video transmission from mobile handset)


major media groups and channels harnessing mobile for revenue and audience reach

Moto: UGC /- goofy content on YouTube... look at what we;'re watching on TV now... Reality TV, etc.

"Gill O'Riley" parody - Fun LIttle Movies

from "Rock", ANSA - text question to service, send back a good human answer to question

Discovery > slices of content, personalization? revenue generating additionals? > fish where the fish are (produce around popular shows, expand) - shout differently, graphics size differs
produce once, publish everywhere mantra, thin margins on emerging platforms
More of a promotional vehicle rather than revenue-generating

Animal Planet example - "pet finder" works small, linked to big station: website for finding adoptable pets, working on mobile extension, directed to local animal shelters
TLC - "TakeHome Chef" - WAP shopping lists to phone

How to move from promotional vehicle to revenue-generating vehicle??

mobile video usage is tiny, SMS is broadly used

TV Channels look at mobile as part of larger strategy
Mobile fan club with sponsorship (in 6 figures...) - 75-85% engagement!! (sponsored by Lauriall)
Top chef - Bravo successful show - etc.
2008 - set up $500k of mobile program sponsorships

Comcast - text alerts, ad supported, pushed on air and online, read on E-Online, "E News Now" video product online and mobile
minute-long story news break, 12 per day... Brittany Spears, good for business.
Mobile - news has GOT TO BE NOW, not at 6 and 10 - Realtime expectations

As a matter of course, must have cross-channel thinking

Moto, Dave Ulmer - mobile is being used as an extension... brand and value
Transition year 2008 - like switch from Radio to TV

WiFi and WiMAX will change everything soon

for Moto, multimedia is a primary focus these days > WiFi and WiMAX are coming
carriers will realize how to make money even on networks that they don't own

mobile is intensely personal (when's the last time you handed it to someone and said 'you use it'?)

MyStyle.com (Style channel extension) - extending with WAP as well, allow user to provide info back to network
For Comcst/E/Style - the mobile-originals do't work as well and the traditional-show tie-ins

Discovery - "How Stuff Works" - WAP version: lookups, fact of day, etc.

Automated tools to create mobile versions of shows?
> StarCut - in Helsinki - offers a tool
> WDA - Wireless Development Agency

AT&T, Sprint, Verizon - carriers all have different video models

data rates in US are lagging, but catching up via WiMax, behind Asia

Motorola - building handsets that support DVB-H (even non-handset portable TV)
Verizon, AT&T launching the MediaFlo product...

mobile licensing is an issue, writers' strike impact

Breakthroughs in Personalized Mobile: Video, Music, Gaming, Search, Etc.

Arlene Zeichner (moderator)
Lee Hancock - go2 (mobile media co. - location based services, 2MM users, ad driven, 350 mobile websites)
Mark Lewis - DDB strategic planing services
Mitch Oliver - Qualcomm (BREW, etc.)
Brian Sathianathan - Abott Media Inc. - media search
Paul Scanlan - MobiTV (3MM paying subscribers, SprintTV, XM to Mobile Phones)
Mathew Snyder (former Nokia mobile search and advertising, Enpocket - ADObjects founder)
Jessica Stoner Steel - VP Biz Dev Pandora, now available on mobile Sprint, AT&T

Scanlan - types of services sought? 1st device to be 'guaranteed' to be unique to an individual user
"end-user authentication"
Hancock - go2Pets (Purina) , go2Golf (Acura) - adaptive personalization over user survey/prefs setup
Steel - US users: radio 16 hrs/week, 3 hrs/week MP3 device - Ease of Use is the reason - push a button

Nokia deal, Universal - handset maker driving content, payment side deal, content owners get paid

Lewis - pursue permission-based model, not interference-based traditional model

Privacy issues/concerns

Lewis - "how can we earn people's trust?"
Hancock, go2 - targeted content, not complaints from users
little cross-sharing between carriers and websites (sites know more)
perceives low concern over 'location' knowledge

LBS - Location Based Services

Personalization Two Camps
1) users coming from desktops, expectations of same personalization on mobile (profile shared)
2) on-through-move device, quick connection, highly-sticky needed...
on Mobile, not a "feature (like online) but a "core function"

3-Screen Environment
> mobile operators forced to change, like Music content...
WiFi and cellular in same device - why would I pay over cell when over WiFi the content is free?

Pandora - universal access, starts up on same screen when switching device
mobile - convenience use case, "boredom killer"

How is targeted advertising going to work - local? national?
Lewis - lean-forward device... how can you enhance the experience (location, etc.)?
throwing coupons has a very low success rate in all media, why try it in mobile?

92% prefer ad-supported free content
carriers have prohibited ads on mobile sites until recently - opened it up??

teens open to ads, they don't have any money
older demos... may be less open to ads

Sathianathan - down the long tail, advertising gets more and more acceptable

MobiTV - ad insertion on personal basis possible

Steel - radio traditionally ad supported, Pandora ad-support online, unicasting, interactive ad campaigns
in mobile, expensive to deliver unicast in carriers world... but Pandora would like it to be free everywhere

Brands built today - different than 10-20 years ago
Marketing has to be a service, shear amount out there...
create an experience, not an ad
ex. Budweiser in Pandora

sponsor the right content, rather than pushing a ton of ads

Pandora - CPM... double digits
21-35 males in major metros who listen to rock music... drives up the CPM

Brand - advertainment opportunities...

go2pets - purina - 3 month trial (400k unique visitors on mobile phone) - renewed for 1 year!
very young, sponsorship helps build the content

DDB - can no longer plan 1 big campaign and just push it, you have to try different things and adjust...

Personalization 2008 -
Pandora is about device access
lift monitization 15-20%
MobiTV - personalized advertising, seamless cross-device personalization
recommendation schemes, user profiling techniques... users who liked X often Y
- help discovery on mobile device??
Qualcom - intelligent recommendations on personal profiles
DDB - partnerships for personalized mobile content
go2 merged, messaging and WAP environment - automatic personalization, location based

hard to scale local-tie-ins in personalization

micro-communication on the mobile will grow - ala Twitter
hyper-personal first, hyper-local in a sub-component

ARPU - mobile ads is in Cents, not dollars

CES 2008

Attending the "mobile" sessions at CES 2008 in Las Vegas. Just saw a panel discussion on mobile video... Vongo/Starz, GoTV, MobiTV, Motorola, Sony/Ericson and Fox Reality TV were all represented.