Breakthroughs in Personalized Mobile: Video, Music, Gaming, Search, Etc.

Arlene Zeichner (moderator)
Lee Hancock - go2 (mobile media co. - location based services, 2MM users, ad driven, 350 mobile websites)
Mark Lewis - DDB strategic planing services
Mitch Oliver - Qualcomm (BREW, etc.)
Brian Sathianathan - Abott Media Inc. - media search
Paul Scanlan - MobiTV (3MM paying subscribers, SprintTV, XM to Mobile Phones)
Mathew Snyder (former Nokia mobile search and advertising, Enpocket - ADObjects founder)
Jessica Stoner Steel - VP Biz Dev Pandora, now available on mobile Sprint, AT&T

Scanlan - types of services sought? 1st device to be 'guaranteed' to be unique to an individual user
"end-user authentication"
Hancock - go2Pets (Purina) , go2Golf (Acura) - adaptive personalization over user survey/prefs setup
Steel - US users: radio 16 hrs/week, 3 hrs/week MP3 device - Ease of Use is the reason - push a button

Nokia deal, Universal - handset maker driving content, payment side deal, content owners get paid

Lewis - pursue permission-based model, not interference-based traditional model

Privacy issues/concerns

Lewis - "how can we earn people's trust?"
Hancock, go2 - targeted content, not complaints from users
little cross-sharing between carriers and websites (sites know more)
perceives low concern over 'location' knowledge

LBS - Location Based Services

Personalization Two Camps
1) users coming from desktops, expectations of same personalization on mobile (profile shared)
2) on-through-move device, quick connection, highly-sticky needed...
on Mobile, not a "feature (like online) but a "core function"

3-Screen Environment
> mobile operators forced to change, like Music content...
WiFi and cellular in same device - why would I pay over cell when over WiFi the content is free?

Pandora - universal access, starts up on same screen when switching device
mobile - convenience use case, "boredom killer"

How is targeted advertising going to work - local? national?
Lewis - lean-forward device... how can you enhance the experience (location, etc.)?
throwing coupons has a very low success rate in all media, why try it in mobile?

92% prefer ad-supported free content
carriers have prohibited ads on mobile sites until recently - opened it up??

teens open to ads, they don't have any money
older demos... may be less open to ads

Sathianathan - down the long tail, advertising gets more and more acceptable

MobiTV - ad insertion on personal basis possible

Steel - radio traditionally ad supported, Pandora ad-support online, unicasting, interactive ad campaigns
in mobile, expensive to deliver unicast in carriers world... but Pandora would like it to be free everywhere

Brands built today - different than 10-20 years ago
Marketing has to be a service, shear amount out there...
create an experience, not an ad
ex. Budweiser in Pandora

sponsor the right content, rather than pushing a ton of ads

Pandora - CPM... double digits
21-35 males in major metros who listen to rock music... drives up the CPM

Brand - advertainment opportunities...

go2pets - purina - 3 month trial (400k unique visitors on mobile phone) - renewed for 1 year!
very young, sponsorship helps build the content

DDB - can no longer plan 1 big campaign and just push it, you have to try different things and adjust...

Personalization 2008 -
Pandora is about device access
lift monitization 15-20%
MobiTV - personalized advertising, seamless cross-device personalization
recommendation schemes, user profiling techniques... users who liked X often Y
- help discovery on mobile device??
Qualcom - intelligent recommendations on personal profiles
DDB - partnerships for personalized mobile content
go2 merged, messaging and WAP environment - automatic personalization, location based

hard to scale local-tie-ins in personalization

micro-communication on the mobile will grow - ala Twitter
hyper-personal first, hyper-local in a sub-component

ARPU - mobile ads is in Cents, not dollars

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