Social Networks & UGC Media in Mobile

Peg Jackson, moderator (NeoCarta Ventures - VC, uses LinkedIn)

Shane Lennon - "Gypsy" - location-based social net, WAP, gen content, attach location, upload, commenting - friend finding app, content search, mapping and directions, has FaceBook integration
Liang - Nokia partnership dev, contextual tie-in requires metadata
MayLin Ng - mig33 - mobile social network (8MM+ users global)
Andrew Perlman - Vringo (video ringtones) melding personalization with Web 2.0?? choosing content to use to identify/represent yourself to the world
Darcy Lorincz - Origin Digital - 800 content partners, connect content to destinations at various bitrates/formats
John Mantell - Helio (video focus) - mobile access to FaceBook, MySpace, YouTube - VOD services


"Mobile Social Networks" - what does that mean? ;)
location-oriented, can share (soon) with friends and family
and behavior (shoot video of drunk at office party)

greater ##s accessing I-net worldwide on mobile than other

Helio/MySpace partnership

6% of mobile users in US have uploaded UGC to networks from phone

Nokia - 18% of photos taken are on camera phones
> working around the infrastructure, ex IM over IP, VOIP... must enable 3rd-party developers (Skype, etc.)
> integrating Contacts and presence (Microsoft partnership)

"profiling and self-expression tools"

Google Phone ("Android")

(mg33) Social Network must be built for the mobile to work on the mobile
> all aspects on the mobile without any PC use
> leverage communication services (chat, voice, share picture, etc.)
- comfort rises and then sharing/social grows from that

(Gypsy) mobile space - vertical behaviors, but not vertical services/lock-in
use cases are at level 1 at the moment

Business models:
(digital goods, subscription, advertising ??)
mig33 - off-deck strategy, local distribution partnerships to monetize
Cross-platform strategies are the most successful (even including Print), more touchpoints, mobile can be center

build once, deploy anywhere doesn't work long-term (OK start) - form factor impacts the content

UGC screened/flitered through partnerships (iFilm, etc.)

Tech that will Impact:
Slifter - cool app/start-up
Gidget - (was Attendio - location-based Facebook App)
Gicue ? Giqueue?
MessageMe - post and monitize mobile content
mobile wallet (too obvious, why not happened in US yet?)
SK Telcom - S. Korea -
Digital Orchid - lottery tickets mobile

Privacy -
Allowing user to be able to control

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