Vampire Weekend - Horchata single as free download

Vampire Weekend offers their new single - Horchata - as a free download. The album drops 2010.01.12 in the US.


When Your Mind's Made Up - Remixed (kinda)

I just remixed this song (from the Academy-Award-winning soundtrack to the movie 'Once') - simply blending the two versions: from the Swell Season album (with strings) and from the movie soundtrack (with drums). Too bad it's illegal for me to post the results of my GarageBand play...


Jon Ashley's Marcy Playground - Star Baby Submission - Indaba Music

In GarageBand - Added a backing harmony vocal track, overdubbed a Stylophone track, pumped up the snare, added some piano and bebop ride cymbal from the break out.


MXP4: Play With It! New Interactive Music Solution! Interactive audio format! | MXP4

An example of their technology


Earth Is The Place To Be - Sputnik Observatory

Thought-provoking video on an interesting experimental video site.


Jon's Guacamole Recipe

set to music and cut as slideshow by Animoto

Jacek Utko designs to save newspapers | Video on TED.com

Well - maybe not 'save'. But his points around the role of design within business are spot-on.


Download and Remix Bowie's Space Oddity

Original 8 tracks of separate audio, ready to remix!


Athens Metro Train Arrives

Taken last year while visiting Athens, Greece for the WPP "Un-conference" Stream 08. Too bad I'm not going back again this year!


Great remix site, contest & entry

David Minnick remixes Rivers Cuomo with that 1929 Cotton Club feel!!


Correct the World War II Memorial Roosevelt Quote with 'So help us God'



Today I went to visit the new World War II Memorial inWashington, DC . I got an unexpected history lesson. Because I'm a baby boomer, I was one of the youngest in the crowd. Most were the age of my parents, Veterans of 'The Greatest War,' with their families.. It was a beautiful day and people were smiling and happy to be there.

Hundreds of us milled around the memorial, reading the inspiring words of Eise nhower and Truman that are engraved there..

On the Pacific side of the memorial, a group of us gathered to read 
the words President Roosevelt used to announce the attack on 
Pearl Harbor: 

"Yesterday, December 7, 1941-- a date which will live in infamy--the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked."

One elderly woman read the words aloud:

"With confidence in our armed forces, with the abounding determination of our people, we will gain the inevitable triumph."

But as she read, she was suddenly turned angry.. "Wait a minute," she said, "they left out the end of the quote. They left out the most important part. Roosevelt ended the message with 
'so help us God.'"

Her husband said, "You are probably right. We're not supposed to say things like that now."

"I know I'm right," she insisted.. "I remember the speech.." The two looked dismayed, shook their heads sadly and walked away.

Listening to their conversation, I thought to myself, 'Well, it has been over 50 years. She's probably forgotten.'

But she had not forgott en.
 She was right.

I went home and pulled out the book my book club is reading - "Flags of Our Fathers" by James Bradley . It's all about the battle at Iwo Jima .

I haven't gotten too far in the book. It's tough to read because it's a graphic description of the WWII battles in the Pacific..

But right there it was on page 58. Roosevelt 's speech to the nation ends in 
'So help us God.' 

The people who edited out that part of the speech when they engraved it on the memorial could have fooled me. I was born after the war! But they couldn't fool the people who were there.

Roosevelt's words are engraved on their hearts.

Now I ask: 

Send this around to your friends. People need to know before everyone forgets..

People today are trying to change the
 history of America by leaving God out of it but the truth is God has been a part of this nation since the beginning! He still wants to be and He always will be!!!

If you agree, pass this on and God Bless YOU!!!

If not, May God Forgive You!!!!!

Jon Ashley - User Experience


MUJI Global | playMUJI uses video to demo products

From MUJI Global | playMUJI
Video thumbnails model products, or show assembly steps, etc. Great eCommerce design from Muji - and very Japanese.


Office 2010: The Movie

My brother-in-law is the bald CIA leader in this viral clip


YouTube - Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova Live at Sundance!

YouTube - Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova Live at Sundance!

just saw "Once" the indie film from 2007 - Oscar-winning soundtrack - for the 1st time tonight.
Amazing song "Falling Slowly" - played live here in this clip from Sundance festival backstage.

feeling good about my 1st months emusic membership (at the "old rates";) - they have music from the film and songwriters Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova.


WBshop.com - The Official Online Store of Warner Bros. Studios: One Trick Pony

Horrible trailer - but the film is finally (legally) available on DVD!


Jason Mraz is fab - and on tour

Would love to see him at Heshey Park with Dave Mathews July 24th


Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive - Home

I Support Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive — May 9th, 2009
Sponsored by my company (G2) and one of our clients, Campbells.


Interesting MealPlanner widget from QPonix

Seems to have been licensed by Better Homes & Gardens and Meijer stores.


Facebook | Meg Walkup Standridge's Photos - Hayden Spring Pictures

What a great picture!! This kid is the son of my Cousin Kevin. Son of a 1st cousin... what does one call that??


The BPA (The Brighton Port Authority) :: Official Website :: Join the Ranks of The BPA

The BPA (The Brighton Port Authority) :: Official Website :: Join the Ranks of The BPA
I think I'll submit a take on FatBoy Slim's BPA contest - Have some lyrics and melody that, modified, may well work with this track.
Love me some FatBoy Slim.


Barack Obama sworn in as 44th President

Too bad we have a "Chief Justice" who can't get the oath of office wording correct for such a historic inauguration, even written out right in front of him!

I guess what threw the Chief Justice Roberts is that the words are directly from the Constitution.
I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.

I guess we can't expect a guy like John Roberts to care enough about the Constitution to get it right.


8-bit Studios Upgraded to PreSonus Firestudio Project

Musician's Friend had a deal, and with Christmas and my Birthday in consecutive months, the 8-Bit studios i/o box has been upgraded from an M-Audio FireWire 410 (2 analog inputs) to this PreSonus Firestudio Project (8 analog inputs).